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This page is going away effective April 15, 2019. To manage your email accounts, visit HTC My Account.

When you sign into HTC High-Speed Internet Member Services you'll be able to create and manage your email accounts.

Email Accounts
Create and manage additional email accounts. Residential HTC High-Speed Internet customers can have up to 7 email accounts. Business customer accounts may have a varying number of email accounts depending on their level of service.
Change Password
Select the appropriate email account and change the password. Be sure to make a note of the new password in a place where you can easily locate this information.

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HTC Technical Support is provided to current customers on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis. This Technical Support will include assistance to ensure proper delivery of high speed internet connectivity to the customer premise. Additional support for third party services, software, and applications will not be provided however, directions on how to receive support from these third party entities may be provided. To reach HTC Technical Support call: 843-369-8745.